Illuminated by the patented Tension LED System (TLS), our single and double-sided lightbox displays, backlit greenscreens, elevator panels, organic-shaped lightboxes, and LumiClouds™ are the industry standard for quality and reliability.


Engineered to stand straight, our free-standing lightbox options install effortlessly and render a more attractive alternative to other systems on the market. Single or double-sided options and accessories fit your needs for low to high-traffic areas.

We also offer simple and elegant answers for projects that require double-sided suspended lightbox options with high-quality aesthetics and easy-to-manage installation. We have engineered several suspended systems to match any application, and as with all MG Print + Displays products, custom solutions are available.

Wall/Ceiling mounted

Clean and level ease of installation is possible with our custom adjustable bracket system. From retail to hospitality and more, our precision-cut frames offer easy-to-change graphics with lightweight aluminum profiles and are available in various finishes.

Green Screen

Backlit with our Tension LED System, our shadowless green screen panels remove the necessity of lighting the screen from the front. Collapsible, portable and lightweight, our screens are an ideal addition to on-the-go productions or for permanent in-studio installations.

Elevator Panels

Our custom illuminated and non-illuminated elevator wall panels, with or without print, are ideal for new or modernization projects. We offer custom configurations to fit all cab sizes and doors with various finishes to fit your building requirements.

3D Lightboxes

Our custom profile allows the installation of two SEG prints within millimetres. The first layer is printed on see-thru mesh fabric, and the second is on our standard dye sublimation fabric, creating a 3D effect when you walk by or underneath the lightbox.


The LumiCloud™ is a custom luminous cloud with endless design possibilities. Extremely versatile, we can create any shape with virtually no size limitations. From circles, triangles, squares, ovals, hexagons and more to organic shapes, our LumiCloud™ luminous panels offer acoustic properties with an NRC value of >0.8 and edge-to-edge homogeneous illumination with a high level of versatility.

Custom Sizes & Shapes

With our in-house team of engineers and technicians, your design possibilities are virtually endless. Curves and shapes can now be integrated into your tension fabric display design to achieve uniform SEG Graphics.

Powered by TLS

The Award-winning Tension LED System is the foundation for every one of our LED lightboxes. With its simplicity and functionality, the TLS distributes uniform lighting to each of our manufactured Lightboxes.

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