Dimensional Letters

From plastic and acrylic to various metals, we will find exactly the right design, dimension, and stand-offs to fit your style and budget.

Acrylic Dimensional Letters

Acrylic is the most common material for dimensional letters. We use acrylic because it is versatile, high quality, and very durable. Most importantly, acrylic can be laser cut.

Metal Dimensional Letters

Metal dimensional letters are more robust and are often used for outdoor signage or in specific enviroments where acrylic cannot be used.

Wood Dimensional Letters

Enhance your interior decor with letters, numbers and logos for an aesthetically pleasing and professional look.

Perforated Metal

Add a distinctive look to your business or storefront with a perforated metal sign. Our top-of-the-line machinery can digitally cut any shape or design to create stunning perforated metal panels. Backlight your panels with our patented Tension LED System to bring your design to another level.

Engraved Wood

We use our in-house cutting-edge technology to create your personalized wood engraving.

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