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Crafting beautiful experiences since 1994.

We've been crafting beautiful display systems and patented surface lighting systems combined with the latest digital technology. With our prestigious craftsmanship, remarkable client care and passion for what we do, we're making clients happy for years.

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Why Choose Us?


Having all our capabilities under the same roof, we offer the complete development of your display in-house assuring the highest quality control and the fastest lead-times.


With our extensive capabilities including but not limited to LED lighting systems, digital and UV printing, aluminum production, design, and finishing, we provide all the tools to create your unique and fully customized solutions.


Our advanced Research & Development department is an integral reason why you will see a profound difference in the quality of visual solutions Media Graph brings to the market.


Guided by unwavering principles of honesty and integrity, our mission remains to provide you with the highest service standards to pinpoint your specific needs and assure that your projects exceed expectations.


Our principal that innovation is the key driver to growth is the reason we consistently offer you first of its kind technologies that are patented and never before seen on the market.


Backed by over 20 years experience, we understand the process and value of creating visual environments that represent the uniqueness of your brand.

Latest Work

Here are some of our brands that entrust us with the integrity of their brand.

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Our Lighting Systems


Our patented product is considered one of the world’s best solutions with adjustable LED boards and an unrivalled tensioning system to create any size, single or double-sided surface lighting.


The Edgelit System with our perfected “V” grooved board provides subtle illumination and is ideal for single or double sided backlit signs, shelves, panels or any other translucent material.


The Power LED System with high powered LED chips is uniquely designed for maximum efficiency and providing uniform lighting for graphic signage and architectural designs.

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